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Coromal -Caravans

West Australia’s Coromal Caravans is one of the long distance players in the Australian caravan industry, with a history going back 30 years and a range of four camper caravans, eight pop-top caravans and seven different caravan models in six different model series for buyers to choose from.

Coromal Camper Caravans

The mainstay of Coromal’s all-fibreglass camper caravan range is the Silhouette, which comes in six models ranging in body length from 3.9 to 4.5 metres and weighing from 1050kg to 1260kg. All feature Coromal’s unique slide-out kitchen, which gives you extra interior space.
Next there is the EKO Coromal camper caravan, which is based on the Silhouette camper caravan and more economically packaged for families. It misses out on the slide-out kitchen, but like the Coromal Silhouette, comes with a Queen-size front bed, a huge front locker and Coromal’s one-piece door – a welcome feature as the one-piece door on many camper caravans – including market leader Jayco – can be fiddly to set up. Finally there is the Mirage camper caravan, which, like the A’ Van, is a collapsible camper caravan featuring hard walls. Unlike the A’ Van though, the Mirage offers a full-height ceiling across its living area – a definite plus.

Coromal Pop-top Caravans

The comprehensive Coromal pop-top caravan range offers models from 4.0 metres to 6.1 metres in length and in a myriad of layout options, which include the choice of twin single beds or an island double bed, while the largest 6.1 metres tandem axle pop-top caravan model has a generous-sized ensuite with separate shower enclosure. The Pioneer Compac pop-top caravan is just that – a 4.0 metre long aluminium clad compact model made specifically for couples.

Coromal Caravans

Coromal’s Princeton caravan and Lifestyle caravan both come in a wide range of sizes and layouts, including the Lifestyle 70 caravan, which features a separate double bedroom with triple bunks for the children adjacent to its built-in bathroom.

Coromal Off-road Campers and Caravans

Finally for the more adventurous, Coromal has its range of Pioneer off-road campers and caravans, based on the Silhouette and Corvair layouts respectively, but featuring a beefier chassis, independent suspension, stronger and better-fixed interior furniture and fittings.


• Big range • Well-made and strong – proven on Western Australian roads • Innovative features, such as one-piece door on campers


• Not the cheapest in their respective classes • Factory is in WA for East Coast buyers

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