Jayco Swan Camper Trailer Review

Jayco Swan

The Jayco Swan has been the most popular Jayco camper trailer model for more than a quarter of a century, and it’s easy to understand why: the Jayco Swan is relatively cheap; it’s spacious; it’s simple to erect and being the most popular Jayco camper trailer, it will hold its value really well as long as you look after it.

Jayco’s Swan is popular with families
The Jayco Swan ticks all the boxes for families because there’s plenty of room for parents and children to co-exist in its spacious interior.
The two pull-out beds (Queen-size at the front; double at the rear) are far enough apart to offer a degree of privacy, particularly with the curtains pulled, while the standard Jayco Swan floor layout provides seating for four in the dinette and room for another four or five on the club lounge while still leaving cooking space in the kitchen. However, most family travellers will soon understand the wisdom of fitting an annexe to give the kids their own playroom!

Setting up the Jayco Swan

Erecting the Jayco Swan is a snap for one person. You unclip the four lid latches, wind up the roof using a crank handle; pull out the two bed ends, push up their canvas canopies and then drop down and secure the upper half of the door to its lower section. Job done.
It’s a bit slower if you are fitting an awning as you will need to thread one edge through the Jayco Swan’s built-in roof rail first before winding it up. It can all be done by one person, but you’ll do it quicker and be in a much better mood with a helping hand!
The beauty about the Jayco Swan – as with all other Jayco camper trailers ¬is their combination of compact storage and towing size and their airy ‘inclusive’ feeling once erected.
If you’re coming out of a tent you get the same feeling that you’re camping in a Jayco camper trailer, whereas most caravans with their smaller windows leave you feeling like nature is locked out.
Today’s Jayco Swans come well-equipped with a SMEV four-burner stove with griller, a reasonable-sized Dometic 3-way fridge, standard Microwave oven, a good-sized sink, plenty of cupboard space and 12 volt internal and exterior lighting.
Prices for the Jayco Swan start around $24,000, but there’s a swag-full of options such as a slide-out BBQ, hot water service with external shower, bag awnings (with or without walls), inner-spring mattresses, DVD/CD player and a solar pack, that can easily push the price towards $30,000 if you get carried away.

Jayco Swan Likes:
• Ease of erection
• Camping ‘feel’
• Value for money
• Good re-sale value

Jayco Swan Disikes:
• Fiddly two-piece door arrangement
• Bed can get damp when packing away wet canvas

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