How to sell Used Cars in Melbourne

How -to -sell -Used -Cars -in -Melbourne

If you’re looking to sell a used car in Melbourne, there are a number of methods to choose from. Once you’ve prepared your used car for sale by giving it a thorough clean and making any necessary repairs, consider the options to determine the best selling approach for you.

Selling privately is generally agreed to be the most lucrative option, but also the most time-consuming. A private sale requires you organise advertising, answer phone calls from interested parties and arrange viewing appointments with potential buyers. That said, over the last decade or so, the Internet has made selling a used car privately in Melbourne easier than ever before.

Many websites now offer car advertising services that allow you to present your used car to a wider market. For the benefit of both you and potential buyers, online car advertisement services generally offer a search function that allows consumers to identify the area in which they wish to buy a used car; Melbourne-based shoppers can search the whole city, or narrow it down to their own Melbourne suburb and surrounds.

If you’re looking for a little more convenience and aren’t too fussed about getting the best price, you might consider trading-in your vehicle at one of the many car dealers in Melbourne. In this scenario, your used car is taken by the dealer as part of the payment on a new one – you just have to pay the difference. There are numerous car dealerships in Melbourne – both in the inner city and the suburbs - that will allow you to trade-in a used car.

If your used car isn’t in great shape and you don’t mind taking a bit of a gamble, selling at auction might be a good option for you. You won’t have to advertise or worry about the paperwork, and you might be lucky enough to walk away with a good price. Again, there are many used car auction houses to choose from in Melbourne, particularly in the inner suburbs.  

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