How do I register / log on?

You can register as a Tradingpost.com member on the homepage of our site. Click the “join” button and you will then have options to either register as a member or sign in using your Facebook account.

What is Facebook log on?

You can use your Facebook account to log on to Tradingpost.com. Our system will accept your information from Facebook and create a secure log in for you. Your Facebook name will appear automatically in the Ad Placement Process along with your email address and contact number. You can edit the name. Only your name, number and suburb are available on line.

How do I post an Ad?

Posting an ad is free and easy. Click on the “Post a FREE ad” button. The system will then automatically take you to the Ad Placement Process. Follow the prompts and you will have an ad submitted within a few minutes. Think about your ad first, what are you selling, the price, the features and what will make it stand out.

What can I sell?

You can sell almost anything on Tradingpost.com. Some popular sales are cars, caravans, pets, fashion, household needs and accessories. Here is a link to the things you cannot sell. Prohibited Items

How much does it cost?

Tradingpost allows unlimited FREE advertisements for private sellers in most categories. In selected categories there is a limited maximum number of free advertisements private sellers can place in one year. For example, pet category (cat and dog) users will be entitled to one free ad however subsequent ads in a 365 day period will attract a placement fee. Other categories affected are car and caravan sales. The placement fee will automatically be displayed when you create the ad.

Commercial and high volume sellers are able to purchase an unlimited advertising package that also includes several other benefits, at discounted rates, by contacting Commercial Sales Team. For more information and contact details see our techpack.

How many ads can I post?

You are able to post as many ads as you like, but there are some limits on the total amount of ads you can have published at any one time. As a private seller, it's unlikely you will ever find those limits though. Commercial and high volume sellers are able to purchase an unlimited advertising package that also includes several other benefits, at discounted rates, by contacting our Commercial Sales Team.

What is Top Ad?

Top ad is an upgrade for your free ad. It will always appear in the Top Ad section of buyers search results of search results. It will have a label over one corner and when buyers search all top ads will be at the top of the search results. It will mean more people will see your ad and hopefully a faster sale.

What is Urgent Ad?

You would choose an urgent ad if you needed to sell as quickly as possible. The ad will appear with an “Urgent” label. Buyers may want to negotiate with you when they see this so set your price accordingly.

What is Bump?

When you bump your ad it will be sent to the top of the list again. Each time you place an ad it starts at the top of the list and slowly goes down the list as other ads are placed. A bump will get your ad to the top again. It is a one off bump, you can do it as often as you like.

What is a highlight ad?

A highlight ad has a coloured background. It will make the ad stand out against all the other white backgrounds.

What is puppy farming?

Some people breed animals such as dogs and cats as a business. It is legal and well run breeding is able to produce good quality animals for sale. This practise is regulated by state and federal laws. Tradingpost.com has connections with the authorities regarding this practice and we regularly communicate. There are some business owners who do not follow the laws correctly. Tradingpost.com has and will remove advertisers who have been shown to be unlawful. If you know of places that you think are a problem you should contact your local council or send a report to the RSPCA.

How do I remove my ad?

Once you have had a successful sale you can remove the ad by clicking the “remove” button located in your ad. Get to your ad from “My Tradingpost” and “My Ads”

How do I edit my ad?

Edit your ad by first clicking on the “edit” button within your ads. Find them by accessing My Trading post> My Ads. The edit button will take you to the ad placement pages where you can make the changes you want. Once finished click on th “Update Ad” button at the bottom of the page. Your ad will be moderated and then placed online.

What is the “pause” button for?

The pause button will stop your ad appearing in the Search Results Page. It will stay paused until you click it off pause or the ad expires. You may like to use it if you think you may have sold but have not finalised the transaction. If the sale falls through you can take pause off your ad will re-appear.

What is online fraud?

There are many types of on line fraud or scams. Simply put it is when someone sells you something and you do not get what you paid for. Fraud is easily done in the on line spaces we all use, many of you would have received text messages or emails that you know are dodgy. See our Trust and Safety pages for more information

How do I contact a seller?

Once you have found an ad you like and want to make enquiries there are two options usually. 1) Phone: access the number supplied on the ad page or 2)Email. There is an email form with the ad. Fill it in and we will send it to the seller.

Can I advertise commercially?

Yes commercial advertising has always been available on Tradingpost.com. If you would like to find out more email us.

How long do ads stay on line?

Our private listings have a life of 30 days from the day of posting. They will expire after that time. You can relist for free. Commercial customers have a different structure for their ads.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade your ad to one of the upgrade products log on, go to My Trading Post and then My Ads. Your ads will show and you have all the upgrades available on the right. Select your upgrade, the price will show and you will be asked to “Proceed to Checkout”. Click that button, complete the credit card details and your upgrade is complete. Easy as that.

Why is my ad not showing on line?

Your ad after moderation and verification will show on line within 4 hours. Sometimes, if we need to contact you, it will be a longer period however our experience is that we can action all verifications within 4 hours.

Why is my ad cancelled?

All sellers have the option to mark ads as sold or withdraw the ad. Both options will remove the ad from the website. We have also just introduced the “pause” button. Tradingpost.com staff have the additional option to cancel your ad. We will cancel your ad for the following reasons:

  • It is considered inappropriate for Tradingpost.com audiences.

  • It contravenes the law.

  • It is considered to be of an adult nature.

  • It is dishonest or fraudulent.

  • Is covered in the list of prohibited items. EG weapons, a pyramid scheme, fake goods (Chanel handbag) etc.

  • It compromises Tradingpost.com in any way.

  • It has been reported by a user and is under review.

What private information is shown on my ad?

Buyers can see your town or suburb and an obscured view of your contact number. After login they can obtain the full number or contact you using the secure webform.

Can I have items delivered/sent?

Yes you can arrange to have items delivered. Before purchase take care to check the seller is honest. They will arrange the transport to you. Delivery costs will be usually born by the buyer. SCAM ALERT. This delivery fee is a favourite scam usually involving a Paypal Account..

How do I pay for my items?

Pay for items with cash or check at the time of delivery. This is the safest process. Sending funds through Wetern Union is not advised as it is not traceable after pickup. Set up your payment method with the seller and make sure you are comfortable.

Who is responsible when things go wrong?

We will always help if we can when things go wrong. Contact us and give us the details of the problem and one of our customer support staff will check into the issue. You will be contacted by email or phone within 24 hours with a request for more information and help or advice that the problem has been solved.

Remember transaction between buyers and sellers are private and Tradingpost.com is not involved therefore we have no liability. You must make sure you are safe in these transactions. See Buying and Selling Safely.