Fishing Boat Buying Tips

Fishing -Boat -Buying -Tips

A Beginner’s Guide to buying a fishing boat

A fishing boat can bring countless hours of enjoyment to its owner. You can sit back by yourself and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of calm waters, or bring your family and friends along to bond over the first catch of the day.

If you’re considering buying a fishing boat of your own, you’ll need to start by doing a little research. Begin by asking yourself a few questions – how are you planning to use the fishing boat? Where will you keep it? How much can you afford to spend? Questions like these – and any others you can think of – will help point you in the right direction. 

Choosing the best fishing boat

As far as you can, determine exactly what you want to use your fishing boat for – are you looking for a pure fishing machine, or something with a bit more comfort to suit the whole family?

When it comes to deciding how to power your fishing boat, consider the type of waters in which you’re likely to spend the majority of time; for example, an inboard engine is a good choice for deep waters, but will not suit shallow water fishing.

Decide what size your fishing boat should be - if you like the idea of tackling long offshore trips, you might need a larger boat that’s capable of handling rougher waters. You’ll need to consider storage and transport also – think about how much space you have to store the fishing boat, and how much size and weight you’re capable of towing. 

Fishing boat prices – how much should you pay?

Get an idea of what you can expect to pay by checking prices of fishing boats online. Work out exactly how much you can afford, factoring in the price of the boat, as well as extras (such as registration, insurance and safety equipment) and ongoing maintenance expenses. Set a budget and don’t exceed it – if you have a clear price limit in your mind, you’ll be better equipped to fend off persuasive sales people looking to “up-sell”. Be prepared to negotiate to get the best price, or – if you’re not comfortable haggling – bring someone with you who can.

Remember that when it comes to quality, most of the time, you do get what you pay for. A cheap price for a fishing boat might be tempting now, but it may end up costing you more in the long run.

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