Fishing Boat Selling Tips

Fishing -Boat -Selling -Tips

If you’re looking to get rid of your fishing boat, or replace it with an upgraded model, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best possible price.

The rise of the Internet - and the appearance of a number fishing boat sales websites - has made the task of selling a second-hand vessel a great deal easier. Placing an advertisement online offers the opportunity to reach a broad range of potential buyers, and the freedom to list lots of information about your fishing boat, including photographs. Depending on your budget, you might also like to try the old-fashioned method and place your ad in newspaper classifieds and boating magazines.

Preparing your fishing boat for sale

First, give your fishing boat a complete clean. Of course, the sale will ultimately come down to more than a sparkling exterior, but a good-looking boat will appear well cared-for and will be easier to sell. Hire professionals if you don’t want to do the dirty work yourself.

Take care of any basic repairs before you show the boat to prospective buyers.

Writing the advertisement

Wherever you choose to advertise – online or in classifieds – you’ll need to be clear, concise and honest when writing your ad.

List as much information about your fishing boat as you can, such as make, model, year and condition. Make sure you highlight the positives, like regular maintenance history, or that it’s only had one owner. 

Include some photographs of your fishing boat, taken from a number of angles and in good lighting conditions.

Setting the price of your fishing boat

Setting the asking price of your boat can be tricky; set too high a price and you won’t get much interest, set it too low and you may leave potential buyers wondering what’s wrong with it.

Use the Internet, newspaper classifieds and boat magazines to compare like models of a similar age and condition – this will give you a good sense of what your asking price will be. If you want to get a quick estimate, some websites also offer boat valuation services.  

Dealing with potential buyers

Keep a list of information relevant to your fishing boat (make, model, year, etc.) close to the phone so you can quickly answer questions when the calls – hopefully – come flooding in.

You should be prepared to negotiate on price a little, but ensure you set a limit on how low you’re prepared to go in your mind and stick to it. 

After you’ve agreed on a sale, record the details of your deal in writing straight away, including deposit amount (if applicable), payment method and collection date. Make sure you wait until you’ve received full payment before you hand over the fishing boat and its paperwork.

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