Storing a fishing boat

Storing -A-Fishing -Boat

Tips on choosing the right fishing boat storage

Deciding how and where to store your fishing boat is an important decision – you will need to consider security, convenience, cost and availability. Ideally, you should consider how you plan to store your fishing boat before you purchase it – your storage options may well have a bearing on the type and size of boat you choose.

Storing your fishing boat on a trailer

One of the least expensive ways to store a fishing boat is to keep it on your trailer, in your driveway, backyard or garage. If you own a trailer and an appropriate tow vehicle, then “trailering” your fishing boat can be very convenient, allowing you to access and use your fishing boat at a moment’s notice.

Of course, storing your fishing boat on a trailer requires you to have ample space in which to park and keep your trailer. If you’re trailering your fishing boat in an uncovered backyard or driveway, invest in a boat cover to protect your vessel from the elements.

Fishing boat rack storage

A rack storage facility allows you to keep smaller fishing boats in a covered shed. Rack storage facilities are very secure and relatively convenient – if you feel the urge to go boating, most facilities will retrieve and launch your fishing boat for you, and then return it to the cradle when you’re done.

Boat marina slip

If you have a larger fishing boat, contact your boat marina to enquire about leasing a marina slip. Rates are generally determined by the size of your fishing boat and the length of the marina slip.

Boat marinas generally offer a range of facilities, from bathrooms and showers to electricity and Internet.

In some areas, you can even purchase your own marina slip. This is a great idea if you can afford it – you’ll never have to worry about where to keep your fishing boat, and boat marina slips are valuable, long-term assets.

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