Storing a Pop-Top Caravan

Storing -a -Pop -Top -Caravan

How to choose the best storage option for your pop-top caravan

As well as being lighter and more fuel-efficient to tow than solid-wall caravans, most pop-top caravans are also easier to store. The height of a pop-top caravan – when the roof section is down – is roughly the same as the height of a tow vehicle, so you should be able to store your pop-top in your car port or garage.

Storing your pop-top caravan at home is the cheapest and most convenient option, but if you don’t have the space you’ll need to investigate other alternatives.

Open air pop-top caravan storage

Probably the next least expensive option is open air storage; most caravan storage facilities offer short and long term open air storage options. This type of pop-top caravan storage is reasonably convenient, and fairly secure – most storage facilities employ security guards or use CCTV monitoring to deter potential thieves.

Shade sail caravan storage

If you’re nervous about leaving your pop-top caravan completely exposed to the elements, many storage facilities offer caravan lots that are covered by a shade sail to protect your caravan from sun and rain.

Undercover caravan storage 

This is the most expensive type of caravan storage, but it offers the best protection for your pop-top caravan. Caravans are generally stored in a warehouse or shed, so they are shielded from the weather and well-hidden from thieves.

Permanent sites

A popular storage solution for people who don’t mind staying put is to rent a permanent caravan site at a favourite holiday location. Most caravan parks with permanent sites have excellent facilities, so you can comfortably leave your pop-top in the same spot all year round, saving yourself storage money and driveway space.

Security at a permanent site is likely to be a little more lax than at a storage facility – ask other permanent site holders to keep an eye on your caravan when you’re not there, and return the favour when you are.

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