Basic Survival Tips If Your Car Breaks Down

Car -Survival -Tips

You have done all you preparation and your ready to set off on your big road trip.  Hopefully you dont get in to trouble and you never need to use any of the following tips:

  • If you get stuck in the 'middle of nowhere' try not to panic! Stay with your vehicle - it will provide valuable shelter and is also much easier for rescuers to spot than a lone person wandering about.
  • Conserve food and water. Always carry enough food and water to keep you supplied for a few days. As a guide, you should allow for four litres of water per person per day.
  • Stay in the shade and keep your clothes on to protect against exposure.
  • Prepare adequate signals. If you find yourself stuck in a remote area, light a smoky fire to attract attention. On the flipside, be very careful - a fire lit under the wrong conditions can start a bushfire!
  • If you get caught in a bushfire, DO NOT keep driving through dense smoke. There is little risk that the petrol tank will explode in a bushfire, so try not to panic. Pull to the side of the road away from the leading edge of the fire and stop. Stay in the car, turning on the headlights and closing all windows and air vents. Crouch in the car and shelter your body, staying there until the fire passes.
  • If your car is caught in a flash flood, get out of the car and onto higher ground as quickly as possible. If you cannot keep your footing, swim or float with the current, not against it. Look for an overhanging limb or embankment to help your reach the safety of higher ground. Remembe... your life is more important than the car or its contents. If you're lucky, you may be able to retrieve your car and dry it out after the flood has passed - it's unlikely to have travelled far.

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