Used Ford Falcon XY Car Review

Ford Falcon XY

It's a bit hard to pin down the appeal of the Ford Falcon XY. There's obviously a bit of halo effect from the classic Aussie car everybody wants to own, the Phase 3 GT-HO, but even more pedestrian versions of the XY Ford have their fans. Check out an XY Fairmont in good condition today, and it'll still look good with equal parts muscle and careful detailing in its overall styling. The last of the line before the more modern XA Falcon arrived, the Falcon XY was a bit more upright, a fraction more compact and featured an interior that still managed to look good despite being constructed entirely of slippery vinyl.  Any example with a V8 engine is worth money now, especially if it’s in original condition. That's if you can find one, of course, because a lot of them wound up being turned into replica GT-HOs.

Ford Falcon XY Road Test

Even when they were new, the Phase 3 GT-HO was recognised as being fast but a bit heavy to drive. And that's also pretty much the story with any Ford Falcon XY now that we've had a couple of decades of power-steering and air-conditioning that works. Base-model cars can feel a bit like old taxis and any XY that isn't in top nick will possibly be very loose to drive. While there's no doubting the GT-HO's performance credentials, it's pretty compromised as transport these days. Let's face it, where on earth could you park a Phase 3 HO and not spend the rest of the day worrying about it being hauled on to the back of the bad guys' truck and never seen again? The same goes for the lesser - but still very collectible - GT, making the more common variants the ones to go for if you really want an XY Falcon you can use. And afford.

Buying a Used Ford Falcon XY?

If you are lucky enough to be in the market for a GT or even a GT-HO, the first thing to check is that the vehicle in question really is what the seller says it is. Like we said, plenty of XYs have been turned into GT and GT-HO look-a-likes, so if you're paying GT or HO money, make sure that's what you're getting. Beyond that, the usual checks for any elderly car apply. Corrosion can be a real problem so take a careful look around the windows, the sills, bottoms of the doors and pretty much everywhere else. Leaky or smoky motors and tired gearboxes can be fixed or replaced fairly cheaply and wrecking yards are a great source of the bit and pieces you'll need to keep a Ford Falcon XY running. Same goes for suspension bits and pieces which can be sourced from auto parts shops everywhere.

Ford Falcon XY – The Final Verdict

+ Simple to run and maintain
+ A handsome four-door by any standards
+ Performance XY versions are magic time machines
- But cost a motzah to get hold of
- And attract thieves and fraudsters in equal measure

Ford Falcon XY Specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Falcon XY
Years: 1971
Engine Size: 3.3/4.1/4.9/5.7 litre
Fuel System: Carburettor
Drive: Rear
Standard Transmission: 3-speed auto/3-4-speed manual

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