Artwork is in the Eye of the Beholder

Sure, Tradingpost make it simple for you to find the furniture that you need, but what’s more difficult is finding the right artwork to enhance your newly found treasure.

Buying art from retailers can become extremely expensive, costing as much, if not more than the furniture purchase you’ve just made.

But have you ever considered creating your own artwork?

By copying a simple design that you might have seen online, a fabric you’ve loved or even a quote that really appeals to you makes for great art. This will be a bold statement, and best of all it’s cost effective, and adds a personal touch to your space.


Once you’ve found a design or quote that you like, you’ll need to select the colours to use. Choose one, two or even three of the hues from your existing colour scheme to add to your canvas or board.

Picking up a canvas is the easy part. There are so many large, old paintings or board prints that people find hard to move. Have a quick look under artwork or paintings here on Tradingpost to see if you can pick up a generous size canvas or board for a great price. Don’t worry too much about what’s actually painted on the canvas – that’s where you come in!

Once you’ve found the right size canvas or board, prime over the painting with a suitable base colour.


When that’s dry, you can transfer your design on. Chalk is good to use for this step as it wipes off with a damp cloth, but grey lead pencil will do the same. Once the design is transferred it’s as easy as filling it in with your paints.

Congratulations, you’ve now created a perfectly balanced, personalised and colour coordinated artwork for your living space, which will add a whole new dimension to that piece of furniture you’ve just picked up.


Sue Redman has been a “Picker Scout” for 25 years, applying her love of up-cycling abandoned items to a myriad of successful businesses over the years.

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