Easy bedroom makeovers

Easy -bedroom -makeovers

Make your bedroom an oasis of calm where you can retreat, rest and recharge in comfort.

Colour your bedroom

When it comes to home interior design, the simplest way to make an impact and create a mood is through the use of colour – be it painted, upholstered or accessorised. There are several basic design rules for selecting a colour palette. Successful colour schemes are generally either monochromatic (layering tints and shades of a single colour); harmonious (using a limited palette of similar colours); or contrasting (using opposing or complementary colours). It’s best to stick to just one or two main paint colours on the walls and expand your palette through furnishings, art and accessories. You could also introduce colour and create a focal point by wallpapering a wall or walls – if you haven’t looked lately, you may be surprised at the beauty and diversity of wallpaper on offer.

Personal preferences rule

Put your feelings over fashion and tailor your private space to reflect your own preferences when picking your main colour. Shades of white and warm neutrals are ever popular and provide a blank canvas which you can change with your mood just by adding and subtracting colourful accessories. Blue is the colour of calm and security; yellow is for happiness and change; red promotes passion and excitement (not so great when you’re seeking rest!); pink is for physical comfort; green boosts ambition and drive.

Simplicity promotes tranquility

Simplicity is King (or Queen) in the bedroom. For an instant lift, declutter the space by removing any unused and unwanted items (boost your renovation budget by selling them on the Trading Post). Similarly, forget multi-tasking and if possible, keep computers, home entertainment systems and other distractions out of the bedroom. 

Design with symmetry

Create a sense of harmony by introducing symmetry into the space, using paired accessories such as matching bedside tables and lamps. Unify quirky second-hand lamp stands with a pair of identical shades.

Light up your bedroom

Lighting sets the mood so make sure yours is appropriate and versatile – task lighting for dressing and reading as well as dimmable or low-luminosity options for switching over to serenity and romance. 

Creating an atmosphere of comfort

Textiles and floor coverings play an important role in the bedroom for creating an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness, as well as adding warmth. Arrange your bed on a long-pile rug for instant luxury.

The rule of simplicity also applies to artwork. For a cost-effective designer touch, add a framed swatch of luxurious fabric or use a beautiful rug as a wall-hanging.  

When planning your harmonious bedroom, consider the window treatment – from simple blinds to luxurious curtains, your choice should tie in with the existing colour scheme and décor. Hang curtains out wider than the actual windows to maximise light in the day and create the illusion of extra width. Whether you opt for curtains or blinds, white breezy sheers make a great addition, bringing a sense of romance and softness as well as giving you privacy.

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