Industrial Revolution

Industrial décor is the latest trend that city dwellers are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for – mid-century, over used workman’s benches, rusty galvanized shelving units and shearing shed lighting.

If it’s straight off the farm or an abandoned industrial work place then it’s worth money. In fact anything that has aged; metal, trolley wheels or heavily used wooden slabs is sought after. The more chipped, battered and bruised the better.

What started as a trendy café concept of shop fitting has slowly leaked into our homes. We have loved sitting in amongst the functional working engines of our de-constructed corner stores, sipping on our lattes, that we’ve yearned to bring this vibe into our own homes.

Industrial -1

It’s edgy, masculine and bold.

If you love the look but are frightened that it may be too harsh then consider accessorizing with industrial colours. This is the major key to softening that hard edge. By placing warmth within these bold and often cold functional spaces you’ll create loads of excitement.

When creating a look around this theme, it’s best to stick to the use the primary colours; yellow, blue or red, which all have a function in industry. Also common are the secondary colours, green or orange, or you could brighten the space with fluoro yellow, green, pink or orange, which are also heavily on trend right now. These eye catching fluoro colours are also used within industry. Think workman’s clothing, school crossings or high danger zones.

So venture out into your shed and see what you can find, there maybe a goldmine of treasures you can resurrect – if that’s not your thing then list them on Tradingpost!



Sue Redman has been a “Picker Scout” for 25 years, applying her love of up-cycling abandoned items to a myriad of successful businesses over the years.

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