Dirt Bike Accessories

Dirtbike -Accessories

An overview of some of the most important dirt bike accessories

There are lots of dirt bikes accessories you can buy to make your bike perform better, last longer and, well, look cooler. More importantly, dirt bike accessories are essential for optimum safety when you ride.

Here are a few basic dirt bike accessories you’ll need to ensure that you are well-protected:

Dirtbike Goggles
You’ll need a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes and keep your vision clear, particularly if you’re spending a lot of time off-road. Make sure the goggles are well-fitted to your face, with anti-fog lenses and good peripheral vision.
Consider also the level of tint you require – a heavy tint will be useful on bright days, but it might be a little too dark when it’s overcast. Some dirt bike goggles feature a photochromic lens, which automatically adjust with the light.

Dirtbike Helmets
A helmet is the most important dirt bike accessory for a rider – riding without one is both illegal and extremely dangerous. Ensure the helmet fits snugly on your head and that the straps are easily adjustable.
The weight of the helmet depends on the kind of riding you do – if you do endurance runs, you might prefer a light-weight helmet. If you do short runs and jumps, you should opt for a heavier, more durable helmet.

Riding gear
For safety – and image – you’ll need to invest in some durable, protective riding gear, including a jacket, pants and gloves. Look for breathable gear with padded knee and elbow panels.

Dirtbike Boots
Another vital dirt bike accessory - good dirt bike boots will protect your feet, shins and legs from injury. Your dirt bike boots should have steel toes, ankle supports and shin protection at a minimum, but if you really want to lash out, you can get a range of extra features, from memory foam interior to heel shock absorbers.

Dirtbike Tyres
Tyres on a dirt bike need to be changed often. Perform regular tyre checks and don’t put off necessary replacements.

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