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Safety Gear essentials for dirt bike owners

Safety is, of course, one of the most important considerations when it comes to dirt bike riding. Once you’ve chosen a bike that you can ride comfortably and with confidence, you’ll need to equip yourself with a full range of dirt bike safety gear before you go on – or off – road.

To protect yourself from head to toe, here is a list of dirt bike safety gear you should own:

A helmet is an essential piece of dirt bike safety gear. A good dirt bike helmet will have a snug fit and comfortable chin guard, and will cover the ears and line the jaw, rather than sitting up on the head. 

Goggles protect your eyes from dirt and debris. If you ride off-road, you might consider ‘tear-off’ goggles, which allow you to quickly clear your vision by removing a plastic strip from the lens.

Neck and back injuries are rife among dirt bike riders. A dirt bike neck brace rests on your neck like a collar, forming a base support for your helmet and minimizing the movement of your neck in an accident.

A chest protector is usually made of bendable plastic and foam padding, and will further protect you from riding injuries.

You’ll also need to purchase some quality dirt bike safety clothing, including jacket, pants and gloves. Protective clothing will shield your skin from flying debris and help protect you from cuts and scrapes from minor falls. Gloves will protect your knuckles and provide better handle bar grip. It’s also a good idea to wear shorts underneath your gear to prevent chaffing.

Knee injuries are painful and take a long time to recover from. Protect your knees by adding a knee brace to your collection of dirt bike safety gear. Grab some Moto Socks (boot length socks, with padded toe and heel, and arch and ankle support) to avoid chaffing from your knee brace.

Specifically-designed dirt bike boots are essential for protecting your shins, ankles and feet. Dirt bike boots come with a range of safety features; at the very least, you’ll need steel toe inserts, shin protectors and ankle supports.

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