Body Repair Shop

If you car is in need of bodywork, you want a repair company you can trust. Body repair shops are notorious for gouging customers on prices, and often provide subpar work. At The Body Repair Shop, we are the experienced, trustworthy, and reliable car crash repair specialist in Adelaide.

Compromising on quality in car body repairs can have dangerous consequences. If an unreliable repair has been performed, the location on the car will be compromised in any future collisions, creating a safety liability for you and your vehicle. At The Body Repair Shop, we put quality first, choosing top of the line materials for all of our repairs. Our skilled technicians are able to rebuild and restore your car to its original appearance and functionality, quickly and safely. We provide safe standards for all of our vehicle work, and hold high expectations for our representatives through every step of the customer service process. We offer a variety of services including:

  • Free quotes

  • Available claim forms

  • Cars for loan

  • Repairs of all sizes

  • Chassis aligning

  • Computerised color matching

  • Plastic repairs

  • Spray painting

  • Touch ups

  • Digital images

If you’ve been in an accident, after calling your insurance company, bring your vehicle into The Body Repair Shop immediately. We will assess the damage and provide you with a free quote for all repair work. No appointments are necessary, just stop by our shop during normal business hours and we can assess your vehicle while you wait. Our skilled staff is ready to advise you throughout the entire repair process, as well as assist you with processing paperwork and claims for insurance. If you’re not satisfied, let us know and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure you drive away happy. Come visit us at The Body Repair Shop today.  

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