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Affordable home fitness options to get you moving at home.

Home fitness equipment for under $50

For under $50, you can choose from a huge range of home fitness equipment that store away easily and give you lots of variety. Think ‘home gym-in-a-basket' – these toys are easy to master, fun to use and cheap.

Exercise bands are a great home fitness option, and now come in three-packs with varying resistance.

For $40, you can get yourself a set of hand weights ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 kg.

Or how about skipping – it's a home workout you can time in for the ad breaks on TV. Like everything else, skipping ropes have gone high tech, with ball bearings in the handles for smooth and rapid operation - but they still sell for around the $20 mark.

The fitness ball has been around for a while but these days it has stepped up a level for an even better home workout – you can now get ball and web or ball and band combinations to extend your range of stretching and strength exercises for between $25 and $35.

If your home fitness regimen involves developing your inner serenity and core strength with yoga, treat yourself to a non-slip yoga mat and yoga block to help train yourself into the right positions. Mats are around $30 to $50 and the blocks are under $20.

More budget home fitness ideas

Working on your flexibility and balance to prepare for a season on the slopes? Balance boards might be a good option here – these pieces of home fitness equipment are useful, and definitely fun. They're a bit more expensive at around $70.

If stress relief is the main aim of your home fitness routine, hitting something might help. You don't even have to own your ceiling in order to hang up funky pink or purple punching bags because there are now freestanding options available for as little as $85. Heftier versions cost more but they don't tend to tip as much when you hit them hard. A heavy stand and bag will set you back around $400, while a tube trainer – suitable for kicking as well as punching – sells for around $500. If you do own your ceiling, you could ease the budget with a speedball instead – the balls are around $70 but you will also need to invest in a ceiling swivel or hook to secure the ball.

Up at this price range you can also expand your home fitness to include exercise machines such as stationary bikes and some basic models of rowing machines, weights or treadmills. While fitness machines still a lot cheaper than the gym, these purchases need some consideration, especially if you think you might not stay interested. Test drive your motivation by arranging to hire a exercise machine for a short period – this also gives you a chance to see what features you really want and get to know how to use this fitness equipment properly so you don't hurt yourself.

Or put your dollars into a personal trainer instead – there's nothing like having your own cheer squad to get you going.

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