Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Spa

Outdoor -Spa

A home spa can enrich your life and health, soothing the soul and easing tired and aching joints and muscles.

Once the exclusive preserve of the wealthy, today’s home spas are more reliable, lower priced and more popular than ever before. From a relaxing bathroom retreat to a peaceful outdoor oasis for soaking under the stars, this is the kind of luxury you’ll love for years to come.

Think Roman bath houses and the spa-like hot springs of Asia, and you’ll be reminded that civilizations across diverse eras and different continents have a long history of enjoying spas. Early enthusiasts appreciated the health giving properties of hot water as a way to relax the body and promote better health. Today we call it hydrotherapy. Warm water helps ease away aches and pains, relaxing and loosening the joints and helping to keep them more mobile. General stress relief and the sheer bliss of being enveloped in warm, swirling water works to refresh, relax and recharge the weary.

One spa doesn’t necessarily fit all. If you’re in the market for a big soak, consider the many options carefully and be clear about your specific requirements. It’s a competitive industry so shop around and compare features, prices and customer care policies before you hand over the readies.

Consider the spa’s intended location – inside or out, above or in ground. Decide on the number of seats you will need and whether you prefer any particular seating layout. Determine how much you are willing to spend – you may wish to consider economical options such as inflatable models and second hand spas.

Other important features to consider when choosing a spa are the seating position, jet position and jet function.

Options in spa seating range from traditional wooden tubs with bench style seating to moulded fibreglass shells with seats in all different shapes and sizes. Lounge seats enable bathers to recline in the water while deeper seats facilitate full immersion. Consider your preferred position and depth in the water and look for a spa that meets your requirements.

The number, function and position of jets varies from spa to spa and is an important factor in determining which spa best suits you. Some spas can be customised with a variety of jets for specific purposes, including swirls, whirlpools, clusters of small jets and moving massage jets. If you have a particular sore spot, look for jets which are placed to focus on specific areas of the body, such as the back, shoulders, neck or legs.

New generation swim spas offer hydrotherapy for fitness, and have powerful jets arranged to create a strong resistance current that allows the bather to swim as if in a full sized pool.

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