Power Boat Cleaning Tips

Power -Boat -Cleaning -Tips

Power boats require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition during your ownership and – importantly – when it comes times to sell. If you find that you’re spending more time scrubbing than you do on the water, you might be starting to wonder if owning a power boat is worth all the effort.

The key is to invest in some good quality cleaning equipment and develop a regular routine. Before too long you’ll find it takes up less of your time and energy.

Here are some power boat cleaning basics to help get you started:

Power boat cleaning tools and products

The following is a list of tools you’ll need for your regular power boat cleaning routine.

  • Sturdy, durable scrubbing brushes with medium stiffness bristles (the bristles need to be of sufficient stiffness to remove salt, dirt and grime, but not so stiff that they harm your power boat’s finish). To take the strain off your back, invest in a scrubbing brush with a long handle – you’ll be able get to hard-to-reach areas without having to bend down.
  • Soft, dry cloths.
  • Marine soap (biodegradable and pH-balanced).
  • Soft sponges.
  • A mop.
  • A bucket.
  • Window cleaning solution (vinegar and water will work fine).
  • Vinyl treatment (if you have vinyl upholstery).

Power boat cleaning routine

You should aim to complete this cleaning routine after each boating trip:

  • start by rinsing your boat in fresh water after every trip you take in salt water – over time, salt will erode your power boat’s finish
  • wash the exterior part of the boat, including vinyl seats, windshields, etc.
  • using medium stiffness brushes and marine soap, scrub the deck, hull, fittings and outboard motor
  • dry the exterior of the boat with a soft, dry cloth
  • clean windows (with vinegar and water), and treat vinyl seats with a commercial treatment solution

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