Power Boat Maintenance Tips

Power -Boat -Maintenance -Tips

A power boat requires a lot of attention and effort to make sure it stays in good working condition. A well-maintained power boat looks and runs better, and offers a higher level of safety and comfort, as well as an improved resale value.

Power boat maintenance can be a pretty big undertaking; individual tasks will vary depending on the type of boat and material, but the list of chores is likely to be long regardless of the power boat you own.

You can make your life easier and cut down your cleaning time by developing an efficient, regular maintenance routine. Do some research online, consult your owner’s manual and ask other power boat owners for advice to hongelp you come up with a maintenance routine that works well for you.

We’ve put together a few power boat maintenance tips to point you in the right direction.

Daily power boat maintenance

  • There’s no getting around it – if you own a power boat, you’ll need to prepare yourself to spend a lot of time cleaning it. After each trip, you should complete these tasks:
  • rinse your power boat in fresh water
  • wash the superstructure with marine soap and a soft sponge
  • scrub the hull, deck, fittings and – if you have one – the outboard motor
  • with a chamois cloth, dry the boat
  • clean windows (with water and vinegar) and treat vinyl seats
  • flush your engine, and check oil colour and level

Monthly power boat maintenance

  • Aim to take care of these tasks at least once a month: check for cracks, loose fittings, fraying ropes or loose rivets and organise any necessary repairs or replacements immediately
  • clean metal fittings with a good commercial cleaner
  • check your engine for rust, damage or corrosion

General power boat maintenance

At the beginning and the end of the boating season, check all the equipment on your power boat, particularly safety equipment. Inspect life jackets and replace those that appear worn or no longer fit. Change the oil and filter in your engine before putting your boat into storage, and drain the cooling system and fuel tank.

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying out maintenance on your engine or any other equipment, get a professional to do it for you.

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