Power Boat Selling Tips

Power -Boat -Selling -Tips

Get maximum results when selling a power boat

The easiest and most effective way to sell your power boat is to place an advertisement. Depending on how much you’re prepared to spend on selling your power boat, you might advertise online, in newspaper classifieds and boating magazines.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best results from your ad:

Getting your power boat ready to sell

It’s not much fun, but the first thing you need to do when selling your power boat is to make sure it looks its best. Give your boat a thorough clean, inside and out. Clear away any clutter, and make sure every part of your boat is in good condition – if it doesn’t work well, remove it or repair it.

If you don’t feel like doing the grunt work yourself, hire professionals to come and do the job for you. It sounds simple, but a sparkling, clean boat will be easier to sell than a dirty one.

Take photos of your power boat

In good, light conditions, take some shots of your power boat – you’re much more likely to get interest from potential buyers if you include some visuals in your advertisement. Take photos of your power boat from a number of angles (including exterior side view, rear shot, helm and interior), and include some close-ups of any of you boat’s outstanding features.

Putting together your power boat ad

Write a short, snappy overview description of your power boat, including any facts that might be interesting to a potential buyer, such as “garage kept” or “only one owner”.

You’ll need to provide information on the power boat’s year, make and model, and – if possible – the make and model of any products of value that are fitted to your boat. Be honest in your descriptions.

Use the internet to research used power boats for sale that are of a similar make – this will give you an indication of how high you can set your asking price.

Include your contact details in the advertisement, as well as your suburb, so potential buyers know how far they’ll need to travel to see your power boat.

Dealing with potential buyers

Of course, you should be friendly and helpful when dealing with potential buyers. A power boat is a significant purchase, so you want to make their viewing is a positive experience and put their mind at ease.

Keep an eye out, though, for shady customers – if you feel at all suspicious, ask questions until you feel satisfied that you’re dealing with a legitimate buyer, and don’t hand over your boat until you receive payment in full.

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