Storing a Power Boat

Storing -A-Power -Boat

Tips for storing a power boat in winter

Preparing your power boat for winter storage is one of the least enjoyable aspects of being a boat owner, but it needs to be done well to ensure that your boat remains in good condition for the next boating season.

Of course, you can pay to have your power boat “winterised” professionally, but if you want to save some cash by doing it yourself, here are some storage preparing basics to keep in mind:

Preparing your power boat’s engine

  • Change the oil and filter in your engine.
  • Drain the cooling system. Fill a closed system with the antifreeze solution recommended by the manufacturer; flush out an open system with water from your garden hose.


Power boat equipment

  • Take all the removable equipment out of the boat, such as life jackets and seat cushions, and store them in a separate, dry area.
  • Disconnect your power boat’s battery and store it in a dry, temperate indoor area. To preserve the life of your battery, trickle-charge it in a charging station.


Indoor storage

  • Storing your power boat indoors – away from rain, wind and cold - is the best way to protect it from damage. You can arrange a spot in a boat storage facility, or store it in a garage or barn if you have the option.
  • For indoor storage, open any hatches or lockers that are part of your power boat.


Outdoor storage

  • If you need to store your power boat outside, keep it off the ground and away from water. If you own a trailer, you can store your boat on top of it as a great space-saver.
  • Organise a good cover – shrink-wrapping is a good option, but if this isn’t a possibility you can use a strong tarp.
  • For outdoor storage, you can leave hatches and lockers closed.

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