Towing A Fishing Boat

Towing -A-Fishing -Boat

Tips for easier fishing boat towing

One of the hardest parts of owning a fishing boat is transporting it from one place to another. Towing a fishing boat can be difficult and scary, particularly if you haven’t done it before. Start slowly, practice as much as you can in a range of conditions, and keep in mind these towing tips when you’re ready for the road:

Loading the fishing boat onto the trailer

Positioning of the fishing boat on the trailer is very important. Keep the centre of gravity as low as you can, and distribute the weight of the boat as evenly from side-to-side and along the length of the trailer – aim to position the boat so that approximately 60% of its weight is forward of the axle. 

Secure the boat with at least two ratchet-style straps. Check that your straps are well fastened a couple of times before you head off.

Connecting the trailer

Fill your tow vehicle with fuel and check oil, water and tyre pressure before you hook up the trailer.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting your trailer to the tow vehicle. Double-check all connections.

Practice towing your fishing boat

Before you attempt to make your way out into traffic, practice turning, reserving and stopping if a vacant parking lot so you get used to compensating for the weight of the trailer. Make sure you have good visibility – if you can’t see well enough, you might need to invest in some extra mirrors.

Driving tips for towing a fishing boat

Accelerating, stopping and overtaking:
Allow much more time than you usually would when towing a fishing boat to account for the extra weight.


Allow more time, and make wider turns.


Shift down through the gears when driving up or down hills, and avoid parking on an incline.


With your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, using small movements, turn it in the direction you want the trailer to go. It’s a good idea to have a passenger with you who can position themselves outside and guide you.

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