Jayco Eagle Camper Trailer Review

Jayco -Eagle -Camper -Van

The Jayco Eagle camper trailer sits in the middle of Jayco’s nine-model camper trailer range, sharing most dimensions and features with its sister Hawk campervan model, but a different interior layout.

Where as the Hawk camper trailer features a combined dinette and meals table at the rear of the camper, the Eagle camper trailer has a separate club lounge and dining table, plus a fold-up wardrobe, making it more attractive to couples.

The Eagle camper trailer’s overall body length of 3.8 metres still makes it a compact vehicle that can be stored in most garages for security when not in use and like all models in the Jayco camper trailer range, it is available as a Jayco Outback model – a feature that appeals to nearly two thirds of Eagle camper trailer purchasers.

The Jayco Eagle camper trailer is built on the company’s hot dipped chassis and features hail and dent resistant fibreglass wall construction.

The Queen-size front and double-size rear beds slide out easily once the Eagle camper trailer’s fibreglass roof - with its one-piece tent section - is wound up, and optional bed flies are available for added privacy and protection from rain and heat.

The Eagle camper trailer in basic form weighs a relatively light 950kg, making it easy to tow by a wide range of vehicles. Even in heavier 1080kg Outback campervan form, it is light work for the wide range of compact ‘soft roader’ 4WDs currently on the market.


Jayco Eagle Camper Trailer Likes:

• Compact size
• Good layout
• Jayco build quality
• Excellent re-sale value


Jayco Eagle Camper Trailer Dislikes:

• Bed flies and awning are an extra-cost option
• Larger bed is at the front, making it difficult to set up when hitched to tow car

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