Dirt Bike Cleaning Tips

Dirt -Bike -Cleaning -Tips

Cleaning a dirt bike may sound like a contradiction in terms; in fact, it’s essential to any good dirt bike maintenance routine. Dirt, sand or mud on a dirt bike will, over time, cause premature corrosion of your bike and all its bits and pieces – give your bike a good wash after every ride to ensure it looks good, runs well and has a long life.

We’ve put together some cleaning tips to help you keep your dirt bike looking new and shiny:

  • Before you start cleaning your dirt bike, plug the end of your muffler with an exhaust plug.
  • Remove your bike seat and clean it separately. Without soaking it, give your seat a quick wash to avoid getting the foam wet.
  • Remove your air filter and put an air filter cover in place. It’s important to avoid letting water into the air box.
  • Spray your bike with a recommended, commercial detergent and let it soak for a little while.
  • Give your dirt bike a good wash with a pressure washer (or a conventional hose with a high-pressure attachment), working from the top to the bottom, including underneath. Avoid direct water pressure on the bearings and electrical components.
  • Dry the bike with a towel or compressed air stream. Remove the nut at the base of the carburetor to drain it. You can start the engine briefly to dry it, along with the carburetor and exhaust pipe.
  • Place a clean air filter into the air box.
  • Replace your seat.
  • Spray any exposed metal parts with a water dispersant. Spray the chain, and lubricate it also.


If you really want to make your dirt bike shine, you might like to finish up with a silicone spray. There is a range of commercial silicone products that will make your bike look great and protect it from the elements. That said, if you want to stay on your bike next time you go for a ride, be careful not to spray your seat cover or radiator shrouds.

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