Selling a Dirt Bike

Selling -a -Dirt -Bike

Tips to help you get the best price when selling a dirt bike

Selling a dirt bike can take a little effort – the final result is likely to depend largely on how much time and energy you’ve been able to invest in making the sale. If you want to maximize your return, you’ll need to be prepared to do a little research.

Prepare your dirt bike for sale

Obviously, a bike in good condition will be easier to sell than one that’s been around the block one too many times. Nonetheless, even if your bike is looking a little worse for wear, give it a good clean and polish to make it look its best.

Take care of any necessary minor repairs or replacements. If your bike needs any major mechanical work, weigh up whether it’s worth paying for it yourself, or whether you should just be upfront about the problem and accept a lower price from your buyer.

Set the asking price

Setting the right asking price can be the key to a making a quick sale. If you set the price too high you won’t get much interest; if you set it too low, it might look like there’s something wrong with the bike.

Search the internet for second-hand dirt bike sales websites and do some price comparison. Find dirt bikes that are of a similar model type, age and condition to get a sense of what you can reasonably ask for.

Place an advertisement

Depending on how much you want to spend, advertise your dirt bike online, in newspapers and/or magazines. For a no-cost option, distribute flyers around your local area.

Include photographs in your ad, from different angles and taken in good light. Write a short, honest and concise description of your bike, including information about its make, model, age, condition and history. List your contact details and reply immediately to inquiries. Include at least one phone number so people can contact you directly if they’d rather not wait for an email.

Dealing with potential buyers

Prepare yourself with the information you need to answer a range of questions about the bike, and be honest in your answers.

To protect yourself from swindlers, record the details of everyone that comes to see your bike.

When you’ve agreed on a sale, put the details of your agreement in writing, and don’t hand over the keys to your dirt bike until you’ve received full payment.

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