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At Car Buying Centre, we have over 20 years of experience buying cars from Brisbane and Logan residents. We are a family owned and operated company, and we constantly strive to make the car selling process easier for you. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we will work tirelessly for you, to get you the best value for your vehicle. We provide free valuations, so you never have to worry about being charged to assess.

All of the staff at Car Buying Centre is highly qualified and bring decades of experience collectively to our company. They have worked in new and used car dealerships around Brisbane and as buyers for vehicles. They have a true understanding of cars and their values, and can provide invaluable information about your vehicle. Some of our staff also has experience in car mechanics, giving them a comprehensive knowledge of cars, inside and out. We excel at customer communication, giving our clients a comfortable conduit to discuss their car’s value.

Our process of car buying is quick and easy. You’ll receive a free valuation from one of our representatives, giving you a clear idea of what your vehicle is worth. Once we’ve established the specifics, we can agree on a price for sale. If you like the price, we provide payment on the spot. There’s no lengthy negotiations or complicated contracts, we are able to give you your money and drive your car away.

At Car Buying Centre, we pride ourselves on our easy and stress-free transactions, designed to get you top value for your car with no hassle. Choose the Australian company that knows the cash for cars business the best. With our experienced buyers, free valuations, and hassle-free sale process, Car Buying Centre is the clear choice for your next car sale. Call our offices today to learn more about selling your car with Car Buying Centre.  

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