Direct Buy

If you are searching for the best online furniture provider in Australia of brand new products for your home and office, Direct Buy is your solution. We offer top of the line products for all of your home needs. Our inventory includes innovative and stylish products for:

  • Home Theatre

  • Electronics

  • Kitchen

  • Garden

  • Bathroom

  • Fitness

  • Hardware

We are a quality company, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. At Direct Buy, a purchase for your home is an investment in your personal environment and lifestyle. Your home furnishings should reflect the personality and style that is distinctly you.

Direct Buy’s policy is that everyone is entitled to pay a fair price for his or her home products. With a wholesale style sales approach, we ensure that you get the best prices on your purchases every time you shop with Direct Buy. Stop paying more for a middleman or over-priced retail store; shop with us and learn how to save more money on every investment for your home.

Direct Buy offers a comprehensive sales experience for every customer. We hold strong positions in manufacturing, importing, sourcing, and buying, providing you with top quality products at significant discounts. Our manufacturing partnerships extend throughout China, Canada, the Middle East, and Australia, offering a global market of products to our happy customers. With the Direct Buy sales experience, you will never have to pay full retail price again. We stock a diverse range of products, offering everything you need for your home and property. At Direct Buy we stand behind our products, and offer a warranty up to 12 months on all of our purchases.

Choose the provider that can bring you the finest quality products with the lowest prices. View our inventory on our website, or contact our friendly sales representatives today to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.


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