Glow Worm Globes

At Glow Worm Globes, we are an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the import and distribution of high quality LED lights. We offer a wide range of products to choose from, and emphasise affordability and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. If you are considering upgrading your existing bulbs to a lower-impact product, Glow Worm Globes is here to help you make the transition from traditional light bulbs.

Whether you currently use incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights, at Glow Worm Globes, we have an affordable solution for you. Replacing your existing bulbs with a more environmentally friendly solution has many benefits. Thanks to advances in light bulb technology, LED lighting options are now superior to any previously existing traditional bulbs. With a more efficient process, LED bulbs save you money by expending less energy. The environment benefits because of the reduced drain on resources required to power electric bulbs. The current LED bulbs are extremely cost-effective, as they last much longer than a traditional bulb. Our representatives are eager to assist you in selecting bulbs to meet your needs. With our easy comparison system, you can see the savings and impact reduction demonstrated by switching from traditional bulbs to LED bulbs. In recent years, there has been a move to change from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents, or CFLs. With further advances, LED light bulbs now offer superior results than CFLs, providing better lighting with more cost-friendly and environmentally sound advantages.

To learn more about switching to LED bulbs, visit us by appointment at our location just south of Melbourne. We are a leading provider of LED solutions in Australia, and are delighted to speak with you regarding your transition to LED. Glow Worm Globes believes in the best customer service, and we will work to meet and exceed your expectations for all our interactions. Contact us to purchase your LED bulbs today!

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