Recruit Check

Any business that is hiring new employees will need to perform an employment reference check. A reference check provides valuable information about the person you are hiring, their history, and any warning signs you may want to consider before hiring an individual. At Recruit Check, we provide an elite, fast, and easy service for any business considering a reference check process.

While invaluable through a new-hire process, there is no clear standard or premier choice in the Australian market for a reference check. Many existing providers are inefficient, expensive, and unreliable. At Recruit Check, we developed out of a need to make this process more efficient and easy to use. All of our services are available online at a reasonable and budget-friendly cost. Our business focuses on the Australian market, and we have grown to become the best provider of pre-employment reference check services available in Australia. Recruit Check is an easy option to outsource all of a businesses reference checks. There are several reasons why you should choose Recruit Check for your business hiring services:

  • Quick and easy service – all of our staff are trained and knowledgeable

  • Independent checks and standardised reference checks

  • All checks are made by an individual, not by a computer

  • Global reach

  • Simple to use for all businesses

With our simple online portal process, it’s easy for our customers to check their incoming references whenever they need to. With a global staff, Recruit Check is always ready to handle reference check deliveries. All orders are placed and accessed through our website, giving you the freedom to submit and view your checks from anywhere with a computer and Internet access.

Choose Recruit Check for your next reference check process. With our outstanding service and efficient methods, you’ll wonder why you waited so long for such a great solution.


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