Tips For Maintaining Your Piano

Piano Maintain

Tips for Maintaining Pianos

How often should I tune my piano and can I do it myself?

It’s recommended that a piano is tuned a minimum of 4 times a year in the first year and twice a year every year after that. However, it can also be tuned whenever it’s sounding off pitch. This can vary from piano to piano as there are many factors that affect how they sound like the environment they’re in and how they’re constructed.

It’s possible to tune a piano yourself but not at all recommended unless you know what you’re doing. You will need a tuning hammer, wedge mutes and a tuning book. These are sold in tuning kits. However if you are inexperienced, it should be left up to the professionals.

How do I clean a piano?

A piano should be dusted lightly with a feather duster. Try to avoid cloths when dusting a piano as the dust can scratch the finish but if you must, make sure the cloth is made of a soft fabric and only slightly damp and not wet. Definitely do not use any household polishes. Dry immediately after this to ensure no stains occur.

Make sure you do not try to clean any of the interior of the piano, even if it’s exposed.

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