Basic Service of a Used Ford

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A used Ford, like any vehicle, requires regular maintenance and servicing to ensure it has a long and healthy life. Of course, your used Ford should be fully serviced by a mechanic as recommended by the manufacturer, but there are a number of basic service checks that you can do yourself in the meantime.

Whether you’re looking to improve the value of a Ford you currently own, make up for the neglect of a previous owner or simply keep your used Ford in good shape, you should aim to carry out this basic service around once a month:

• Check your engine oil. Run your car for a while, and then turn it off. Remove the oil dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert it. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level – if it’s low, fill up your oil according your owner’s manual.

• Check your coolant level as indicated in the plastic reservoir on your radiator. If your used Ford doesn’t have a reservoir window, open the radiator cap and check inside (with a cool engine). If it’s low, refill it according to the recommendations in your manual.

• Check the battery fluid - if necessary, refill it with distilled water. Ensure that your battery is does not come near naked flames or cigarette smokers, and aim to keep battery fluid away from skin, eyes and clothing.

• Inspect your windscreen wipers for splits or wear, and replace if required. Top-up washer fluid with clean water and a recommended commercial additive (not household detergent).

• If your used Ford has automatic transmission, check the fluid level according to the instructions in your manual (this process can vary between different models).

• Check hoses, pipes and wiring for damage, fraying, stains or looseness. If you find any, see your mechanic.
• Check tyres for correct pressure (as recommended in your manual), damage and worn tread.
• Test all lights – headlights (including high beams) indicators, stop and reverse lights.

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