Buying a Used Ford

Buying -a -Used -Ford

Tips to help you get the best deal when buying a used Ford

Buying a used Ford – like any other car – involves some research. The more prepared you are, the better deal you’ll get when it comes time to buy your used Ford.

The first step is to choose which used Ford model is best suited to your needs. As one of the largest automakers in the world over many decades, Ford has produced countless models in a number of market segments. Used Ford models on the Australian second-hand car market today include the Falcon, Focus, Fiesta, Territory, Laser and the Mondeo, to name a few.

Start by working out exactly what you need from your used Ford. It’s easy to be drawn to a good-looking car, but there are a number of other factors to take into account before you start thinking about appearance. Consider safety, fuel economy, driving dynamics, interior space, power, styling, visibility and comfort, and identify the features that are essential to you.

Once you’ve determined your priorities, investigate online and in car magazines to find out what’s on offer in the used Ford range that suits your requirements and your budget.

Where to buy a used Ford

You can buy a used Ford from a private seller, a licensed used Ford dealer or at auction. Buying from a licensed dealer is often the most expensive option, but it comes with greater peace-of-mind – generally, you’ll get a “cooling-off period” and a warranty on the vehicle, as well as a guarantee that there is no debt attached to the car.

Buying a used Ford from a private seller will probably be cheaper but, without the protection of a cooling-off period or warranty, you’ll need to be very cautious about your choice. You’ll also need to arrange a REVs Check (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) to ensure that the used Ford is debt-free.

Buying a used Ford at auction can be a risky business. Most vehicles are sold without a warranty or roadworthy certificate, and you’re unlikely to get a chance to inspect or test drive the vehicle. Experienced shoppers might be lucky enough to pick up a great used Ford bargain, but first-time buyers should steer clear.

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