Selling a Used Ford

Selling -a -Used -Ford

Tips to guide you through used Ford selling options 

When the time comes to upgrade your used Ford, there are a few options available to you – you can sell it privately, trade it in at a dealership or try your luck at auction. Your choice will most likely depend on the condition of your car and how much time and effort you wish to devote to the sale. 

Selling a used Ford privately

Selling your used Ford privately will probably get you the highest return; it’ll also take the most energy.

First, you’ll need to advertise. You can advertise online, in car magazines or in newspaper classifieds – or all three if you have the budget. Write a concise description of your used Ford, detailing the year, model, condition and kilometres. Be honest, but don’t be afraid to accentuate the positives. If possible, include a number of photos of your car, taken from different angles.

To set the asking price, do some research online to find comparable used Ford models of a similar age and in roughly the same condition. Compare a number of models to get a balanced idea of the market worth of your used Ford.  

Trading-in a used Ford

If convenience is more of a concern than getting “top dollar”, you’ll probably find the trade-in is the best option for selling your used Ford.

Trading-in essentially involves swapping your old car for a new one and paying the difference – the dealer will determine how much they think your used Ford is worth, and deduct that amount from the price of a new car.

Selling a used Ford at auction

If your used Ford is not in great condition, selling at auction might be the best option for you. Again, you may not get as much as you would through a private sale, but you don’t need to worry about paperwork or advertising – you can leave all the work to the auction house.

“Shop around” for the best auction house, and be sure you understand the associated conditions and fees. When you’ve made your choice, be clear with your auction house about the lowest amount you’ll accept (the reserve price) for your used Ford.

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