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The Ford Focus – a small family car - was released in 1998, replacing the much-loved Ford Laser in Australia in 2002. Perhaps it was loyalty to the Laser that led to a somewhat cool initial response to the Ford Focus; perhaps it was the use of Ford’s confronting new “Edge” styling.

Interestingly, while the Focus didn’t set the Australian market on fire initially as a new car, it soon emerged as a popular used car purchase. Consumers soon became accustomed to the controversial styling; indeed, the angular design – perhaps a little ahead of its time – gives a fresh appearance to a used Ford Focus on today’s market.

The Ford Focus is best known for excellent handling and driving dynamics – the advantages of being a European-sourced car. Even used Ford Focus models from 2002 – Australia’s first – offer a superior and quiet ride.  

The original Ford Focus line-up included the CL and LX – both in five-door hatchback and sedan – and the Focus Ghia sedan, followed soon after by the three or five-door Focus Zetec. If you can find one of these used Ford Focus models in good condition at a good price, you’ve found a great used car buy.

Where to buy a used Ford Focus

The most common places to buy a used Ford Focus are from a private seller or through a licensed used Ford Focus dealer. Beyond the traditional newspaper classifieds and magazine advertisements, there is a huge amount of information on used Ford Focus models on the Internet. Online search functions will provide you with a list of used Ford Focus cars for sale in your area, and allow you to compare prices at a glance.

If you decide to buy your used Ford Focus from a private seller you won’t have the option of a warranty, so you’ll need to inspect the vehicle carefully to make sure it’s in good condition. If you don’t know much about cars, bring a knowledgeable friend along with you, or organise an independent inspection through your State’s driving club.

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