Are you Bold Enough to Stay on Trend?

What has come out in force just in time for 2014? Bold, bright colours.

By introducing bold colours into your home you will instantly pull your pad up from last season sadness to “on trend” status.

Are -you -bold -enough2

Brights of any hue are acceptable, as long as they are stunningly vibrant. There is only one golden rule to follow; these saturated hues need to bounce off a sharp, neutral base. Therefore your walls need to be black or white – take your pick.

Colour is one of the most transformative things that you can do to your interior. Flipping boring beige rooms and switching them into funky, fun filled stations that you will love to linger in. Most furniture pieces can take a slap of paint. And with this style that has emerged you really don’t need quality woods as they’ll be coated and sealed revealing only their shape.

Are -you -bold -enough3

The end result will be powerful, solid silhouettes that will pop your space.

Tradingpost is full of pre-loved treasures that are waiting to be found.

You can easily create unique one off pieces that tell a story.



Sue Redman has been a “Picker Scout” for 25 years, applying her love of up-cycling abandoned items to a myriad of successful businesses over the years.

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