Beautiful Bathroom Renovations


Design tips and ideas for successful DIY bathroom improvement

Beautiful bathroom renovations

Places for renewal, relaxation and washing away worries, bathrooms provide a benchmark for quality and luxury throughout the entire home. While fads come and go, good design principles are the building blocks to a beautiful, value-adding bathroom renovation.

Using light in bathroom home improvement

Bright, even lighting is essential in the bathroom.

When you redesign your bathroom, include lots of windows to let the light flood in. If you can, landscape the garden for privacy and enjoy the luxury of a secluded leafy outlook.

Frosted glass, glass bricks or high-set windows are good privacy options. If you want to glimpse the outside, consider a long, narrow window or a little picture-box window at eye height. For additional daylight, a bathroom skylight is an easy and economical option.

Install a dimmer switch to set the mood for long, lazy soaks.

Add wall-mounted lights beside or above the mirror.

Maximising bathroom space

Make the bathroom feel bigger with clever, space-maximising design tricks.

Select large floor tiles. As well as giving the illusion of extra space, big tiles are easier to maintain as less grout means less cleaning. Don’t stop at the floor – by extending the floor tiles upwards and running a single layer of whole or half tiles along the walls as skirting you’ll make the floor seem larger.

Show more of the bathroom floor by choosing wall mounted fittings where possible, from the cabinet to the toilet bowl. Hang onto that old pedestal washbasin; it will help to maximise floor space whilst gracing the room with timeless beauty and retro chic.

Paint the ceiling white and choose light wall colours. Install a large mirror and select a clear glass shower screen to create a sense of extra depth and dimension. Keep accessories to a minimum and make the most of concealed storage.

Introducing nature to the bathroom design

For a clean, calming atmosphere in the bathroom, stick with natural, outdoor colours and materials. Linen, vanilla and pale mocca tones make a great base which can always be spiced up with bright accessories such as bold towels.

Continue the natural theme with the use of a feature stone, chunk of wood, or carefully selected seashell. Unify your design by repeating patterns, shapes and textures and using different sized versions of the same object.

An indoor plant or fresh cut flowers bring the beauty of nature and another layer of visual appeal to the space. Natural greenery is very reviving and natural scents important too – a bowl of pine tree sprigs and floating flowers or candles create a lovely accent.

Bathroom touch and texture

Contrast high gloss with matte, and sleek with waxy surfaces to add a subtle layer of variety and interest in the bathroom.

For textural contrast and warmth underfoot, consider the eco-friendly option of bamboo flooring. Unexpected in the bathroom, super-sealed timber and grass products introduce a beautiful, warm contrast to the bathroom’s cold, manmade surfaces.


Be guided by your own taste. Whenever you step away from safe neutrals and go for bold, do it with confidence and follow your heart.

Add a splash of your favourite colour and lift a plain-toned bathroom by finishing window sills and architraves in a vibrant high gloss enamel paint.

Unusual inclusions like chandeliers and fancy mirrors can make a fantastic impact. One striking feature is all you need to personalise your renovation and give it the “wow” factor.

Bathroom storage and simplicity

Storage is the key to creating a simple, uncluttered bathroom design. Plan for maximum storage with minimum impact and make the most of your space.

Use overlooked niches such as the space between the wall studs to inset a tall bathroom cabinet, giving vertical storage.

A recessed storage nook in the shower wall is a great way to store soap and shampoos and becomes a highlight when finished with striking feature tiles.

Shelves, made of glass, stainless steel or wood, create storage space and make an effective focal point. Less is more.  


Resort-style fittings and hotel quality accessories have made it into domestic bathrooms in recent years.

Heated towel rails and double towel racks are practical and posh. Similarly, a shelf stacked with plush towels adds sophistication and luxury.

Quality bathroom fixtures are worth their weight in gold. Choose tapware and other fixtures for their graceful lines. Look for smooth edges and simple curves for a sleek, timeless look.

Forward thinking

Water saving is the way of the future and this is increasingly reflected in new bathroom product lines. Don’t install a dinosaur; look for the latest and best designs for maximising flow and reducing waste when considering tapware, shower heads and toilet flushing systems.

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