Choosing The Perfect Christmas Table

Christmas Table

There's nothing nicer than gathering friends and family around the table for a meal. Especially when you're celebrating Christmas.

For many, the tradition of sitting at the dining table to eat dinner together is a rare thing. Wouldn't it be lovely to bring it back and enjoy this time together again? Not only that, the dining table can become a focus of many other activities. From kids doing their homework to neighbours dropping over for a chat and a coffee, family dining room tables can become the heart of the home.

"Dining tables accumulate family history," says Ross of Eclipse Homemade Furniture. "They are the focal point of the house."

The Right Christmas Table
Choosing a table that's suitable for your family requires some thought and research. Homes that are short on space may need a foldout table that extends for guests but minimises the space it uses at other times. This kind of table could be just the thing you need to accommodate extra people at your Christmas in July feast!

What is it made of? This is another important consideration. There are many cheap tables on the market, but being made of a less durable material, they won't last long. Balinese wooden furniture is a popular and economical choice but the timber is often soft rainforest wood.

Australian Made Christmas Table
For dining room tables to become a legacy of the family, they should be durable. Antiques and beautiful Australian-made wooden tables are great for longevity. "Australian timber is very user-friendly," says Ross. "It's dense and durable because the harshness of our environment makes the trees tough in order to survive."

It's also great to be able to choose a dining table that hasn't had a negative environmental impact. Ross says that he, like many other manufacturers, prefers to salvage timber from dead trees and building sites so he isn't damaging old growth forests.

Timber Christmas Table
"Wood is something that we all have an affinity with because it's been around us as we grew up," Ross says. Different Australian woods can add a sophisticated finish to the home, with blonde, red or dark brown hues available, depending on your colour scheme. Wood also has a natural, textural warmth.

Whatever dining table you choose, it will become the focal point for socialising in your home. You'll invest pleasurable time and experiences around it, so it's worth taking the time to choose a beautiful, durable piece. And for those special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and of course, Christmas in July, your dining table is where you can create some wonderful warm memories. Who knows? In years to come, it could become a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations!  

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