Design a New Bathroom

Bathroom -Design

Bathrooms provide a benchmark for quality and luxury throughout the entire home. While fads come and go, good design principles are the building blocks for a beautiful, value-adding bathroom renovation.

As open-plan living is the order of the day, it’s no wonder we place a premium on private retreats and quiet luxury in our bathrooms. More spacious, better equipped and more indulgent, a well-designed bathroom is a lifestyle asset as well as boosting your home’s resale value.

Begin by defining your list of essentials – shower, bathtub, toilet, hand basin, cupboards, mirrors, lighting, heating and so on. Then work out where each item should be positioned before developing the detailed design. Selection of the actual fittings and the complementary accessories, tiling and paint schemes comes next.

When it comes to style, look for inspiration from a variety of sources. Visit bathroom design centres and showrooms, and check out specialist bathroom magazines for ideas and colours. Consider employing an interior designer. A designer may prove to be money well spent. They will be able to call upon the experience of many similar jobs and knowledge of the very latest bathroom furniture, fittings and accessories.

So how do you go about planning your sanctuary? The rule for successful bathroom design is that form must follow function. It must work first of all in all conditions.

Bathroom lighting

Bright, even lighting is essential in the bathroom. Let the light flood in with lots of windows. If possible, landscape the garden for privacy and enjoy the luxury of a leafy outlook. Frosted glass, glass bricks, high-set windows and skylights are good privacy options. Supplement overhead lighting with wall-mounted task-lights beside or above the mirror.

Maximise the space

Storage is the key to creating a simple, uncluttered look in the bathroom. Plan for maximum storage with minimum impact and make the most of your space. Use overlooked niches such as the space between the wall studs to inset a tall bathroom cabinet, giving vertical storage. A recessed storage nook in the shower wall is a great way to store soap and shampoos and becomes a highlight when finished with striking feature tiles.

To maximise the sense of space, select large floor tiles and extend a single layer of whole or half tiles along the walls as skirting.

Show more of the floor by choosing wall mounted fittings where possible, from the cabinet to the toilet bowl.

Paint the ceiling white and choose light wall colours. Install a large mirror and opt for a clear glass shower screen to create a sense of extra depth and dimension.

Use contrasting textures for effect

Contrast high gloss with matte and sleek with waxy surfaces to add a subtle layer of variety and interest. Balance cold surfaces and crisp lines with a warm rug and fuzzy towels.

Explore you individual style

Be guided by your own style. Add a splash of your favourite colour and lift a plain-toned bathroom by finishing window sills and architraves in a vibrant high gloss paint. Take a risk and choose your favourite colour for dazzling feature tiles and accessories.

Unusual inclusions like chandeliers and fancy mirrors can make a fantastic impact. One striking feature is all you need to personalise your renovation and give it the “wow” factor.

Install water efficient appliances

Water saving is the way of the future and this is increasingly reflected in new product lines. Don’t install dinosaurs; look for the latest and best designs for maximising flow and reducing waste when considering tapware, shower heads and toilet flushing systems.

Renovating also brings the perfect opportunity to plumb in rainwater tanks and greywater diversion systems.

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