Boat Trailer Buying Guide

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It is no use buying a boat without a boat trailer unless it is a big, heavy vessel that spends its life in the water. As a general rule, trailering any boat light enough to be towed makes more sense because boats deteriorate more quickly when left afloat. So you will need a boat trailer.

The obvious added advantage is that the boat trailer is also the perfect storage solution for its cargo. And deciding to go boating is a simple matter of choosing where to go and hitching up.

Why not consider a package deal? You can often save considerable money by getting the boat, trailer, oars, motor, lifejackets, etc at once. Opportunities like this come up after boat shows when manufacturers and dealers are usually keen to sell some of the show exhibits. And, typically, the boat and the boat trailer go together like a horse and carriage. I bought a small boat and trailer at a huge saving on new price and the boat alone would normally have cost as much. Another advantage that the boat trailer was perfectly matched to the little tinny it carried.  

One important consideration if you are buying the boat trailer separately is the weight. Don’t make the common mistake of choosing one that carries the same weight rating as your boat. That’s because you will often stow gear inside the boat when you are towing. It is always better to allow a large margin for error. Even a couple of inches of water in the bottom of your boat will add many kilos to the payload.

When you are choosing a used boat trailer, think quality and durability. Rust can be a problem. In extreme cases it is quite possible that a rusty boat trailer could literally collapse under the load which is a truly terrible look! You will also want to ask some questions, like why is the boat trailer for sale without the boat?

Consider buying a heavier duty trailer than you need because the time may arrive when you wish to upgrade your boat. And you won’t then need to invest in another boat trailer.

Choose either aluminium or galvanised steel. While neither material is perfect, both will resist rust. Make sure that the boat trailer has waterproof rear lights.

When the time is right to sell your boat, it will be easier to sell as a package because a great number of buyers of used boats are newcomers to the marine business. The best single piece of advice is to buy the best used boat trailer you can afford. You want a high quality item that will last as long as your boat.

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