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Tandem trailers lead interesting lives, as they are used for a variety of purposes, from hauling rubbish to moving houses and even cars.
Added to the complexity in deciding how to choose the best tandem trailer for your particular purpose is the fact that just about every engineering firm produces them, so the choice is bewildering.

What to look for when buying a tandem trailer

Key features to look for when you buy a tandem trailer are build quality, fittings and the strength and layout of its suspension.Neat, continuous welds, a solid chequer plate floor, strong and properly mounted mudguards and a solid A-bar and towing hitch are other hallmarks of a good tandem trailer.

Most tandem trailers have a hinged rear tailgate, but it’s also handy to have one with a hinged front section as well when it comes to carrying longer timber loads. The only drawback is that you will lose a little rigidity in the trailer superstructure.

Mudguards are often an afterthought on tandem trailers, but as they are frequently stood on and are often a major load-bearing element, ideally they should be made of solid steel or chequer plate construction.

Take a good look at the suspension. You should insist on the large, industrial-size wheel bearings that are readily available, because your tandem trailer will be called on to do some heavy lifting in its working life. Make sure you have a good multiple leaf sporing system with sturdy mounts for the spring hangers and solid axles.

Most tandem trailer manufacturers will also give you the choice of wheels and stud patterns. Ideally, the wheels on your tandem trailer should be of a similar size to those on your tow car, so one spare tyre will work for both. If not, make sure you carry a trailer spare at all times.
How often do you see a laden trailer abandoned at the side of the road with a flat tyre?
And while you’re at it, carry a simple hydraulic jack and wheelbase, as those in your car may not work on the tandem trailer when it is dragging on the ground.

Tandem Trailers Likes:

• Look for quality materials and workmanship
• Make sure the tandem trailer has robust suspension and wheel bearings
• Carry a spare tyre and a jack

Tandem Trailers Disikes:

• A cheap tandem trailer may let you down in the most embarrassing places
• There’s no re-sale value in a broken tandem trailer

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